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Lágrimas y Favores Foundation

Lágrimas y Favores Foundation

Founded by Antonio Banderas, “Lagrimas y Favores” seeks to help underprivileged university students, cancer patients, and provide support for the poorest sectors of society through the Corinto Foundation and Cáritas Parroquial.

Its main objectives are to offer economic resources and grants to university students who are in need and are enrolled in any university programme offered by the University of Malaga, and to provide funds for the Cudeca Foundation in its task of offering palliative care for cancer patients and their families. The Lágrimas y Favores Foundation also provides economic resources to Caritas Parroquial and the Corinto Foundation to help people who lack the bare necessities. It allocates more than 170,000 euros for these charitable purposes.

Lágrimas y Favores Foundation Grants

Since the creation of the foundation in 2010 they have been collaborating with the University of Malaga, currently in their 6th consecutive year. They donate 75,000 euros a year to the University of Malaga for students who want to study abroad in universities in the United States and Canada.

Moreover, within the framework of the convention with the Caja Sol Foundation, they provide grants to students to enrol in specialised courses.

Antonio Banderas, the president of the Lágrimas y Favores Foundation, and Antonio Pulido, the president of the Cajasol Foundation, will renew a partnership agreement this year in which both foundations aid families in Malaga whose members are unemployed or who are cancer patients or university students without financial resources. They contribute:

2.000 euros

20,000 euros throughout the course of the year to cover the costs of home care, medical day units and rehabilitation units, outpatient visits and inpatient units.

Contributions have increased

Contributions to low-income families have increased, which will be managed by Caritas Parroquial in Malaga, so that people who have dependent minors or seniors under their responsibility without any aid will benefit from the programme that began in 2015 in Andalusia by the Cajasol Foundation.

The Board of the Lágrimas y Favores Foundation

Mr. José Antonio Domínguez Banderas


Mr. Eduardo Rosell Vergara

Vice President

Mr. Francisco Javier Domínguez Banderas


Ms. Carmen Thyssen Borgemiza

Member of the Board

Mr. Francisco de la Torre Prados

Member of the Board

Ms. Adelaida de la Calle Martín

Member of the Board

Mr. Antonio Pedraza Alba

Member of the Board

Mr. Antonio Martínez Gavilán

Member of the Board

Mr. José Carlos Márquez Gómez

Member of the Board

Mr. José Eugenio Hazañas Céspedes

Member of the Board

Mr. Ricardo Aguilar León

Member of the Board

Mr. Pedro Luis Gómez

Member of the Board