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Our Mission

Our Mission

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The Starlite Foundation is the social project of the Starlite Festival and its main fundraising activity is the Starlite Gala, the most important charity gala in Spain.

The foundation is an international philanthropic platform that aims to improve education, health and living conditions of low-income communities, families and children. It supports several charitable groups and causes led by celebrities whose personal determination, dedication and involvement serve as inspiration for us. They use their fame, influence and media presence to actively lend a hand, giving their voice to those who are not heard. These stars are a guiding light for many, able to change the lives of thousands and make the world a better place.

Our mission is to contribute to a better society by intervening in education, by training people who are poor, improving the conditions of life for underprivileged children and families at risk of social exclusion, as well as providing health care. All of this is achieved with the support and involvement of celebrities in the world of performing arts, sport and culture.

Our Goals

To provide education

To provide education and training for people who have few resources, at risk of social exclusion or living in poverty.

To improve conditions

To improve conditions for underprivileged children, families and low-income communities.

To raise funds

To raise funds to make all of these goals viable, tangible and real.

Starlite Foundation

At the Starlite Foundation, we focus on measurable outcomes. We finance specific projects in collaboration with serious and committed foundations and we follow up on them in order to guarantee that funds are used properly and therefore lead real changes in the lives of the people who are most in need.

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These goals are reflected in the activities carried out and financed by the foundation:

Building schools in marginalised areas of Guerrero (México).

Strengthening the skills of teachers, managers and parents through training courses in order to improve education.

Achieving a greater rate of enrolment and attendance at school by making parents aware of the importance of education and training for their children’s future.

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