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Celebrities supporting

The Starlite Foundation receives the support of celebrities from all different fields, who use their fame and influence to help those most in need, either through their own social actions or by collaborating with other organisations that are already taking action.

From the host of our charity gala Antonio Banderas, to the celebrities that come to the Starlite Gala year after year, to the artists who donate their performance and the stars who win the awards every year at the Starlite Awards, they all have a strong social commitment and use their media presence to help others.

Some of them have accompanied us to see first hand what the Starlite Foundation is doing in Mexico, paying visits to the schools of the Niños en Alegría Foundation, such as Antonio Banderas, Carlos Slim, Sofía Loren, Alain Delon, Paz Vega, Nieves Álvarez, Genoveva Casanova and Marta Sánchez, who have gone to the schools in the State of Guerrero in Mexico and seen the work being done there.

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