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Niños en Alegría Foundation

Niños en Alegría Foundation

The Niños en Alegría Foundation was created by Alejandra Alemán and Sandra García-Sanjuán in 2003 with the aim of improving conditions for child education in primary schools in marginal areas of Guerrero to allow children to develop their maximum potential in both education and social skills.

Since its formation, Niños en Alegría has carried out many projects aimed at improving conditions of education for children who are in precarious situations. In 2007, Niños en Alegría became an operating partner of UNICEF to develop the programme “Todos a la Escuela”, with the objective of providing access to education for all boys and girls who were not in school.

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Four Programms

To the date, more than 12 thousand children have studied at 12 schools of Niños de Alegría thanks to the four programmes they offer:

Education infrastructure

In collaboration with the Secretary of Education of Guerrero, public schools are built, and the schools in poor conditions are remodelled.


Computing equipment, desks, air conditioners and other school materials are donated.

Support with school materials

School materials and rucksacks are provided at the beginning of the school year.

Niños en Alegría Club

Social and academic skills are developed through annual meetings and national and international summer camps.

Starlite Foundation

Figures such as Antonio Banderas, Marta Sánchez, Melanie Griffith, Paz Vega, Sofía Loren, Alain Delon, Carlos Slim, Carmen Martínez Bordiú, Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce have visited their schools and collaborated with the project.

The international camps are held in Spain and are donated by GECESA (Gestión de Centros Educativos, S.L), the owner of 6 schools in Madrid: the Parque, Peñalar, Peñalvento, Valdefuentes, Torrevilano and Montesclaros schools. This year there will be five students from schools in Mexico at the summer camp at the Montesclaros school, called the Montesclaros Summer Camp.

Niños en Alegría: Figures

13 years working for education in marginalised areas of Mexico. // 13 schools built. // More than 12 thousand students who have been able to study at our schools since the Niños en Alegría Foundation began. // 221 students have participated in summer camps in Spain and in different parts of Mexico.


46 children (until 2013 in the Summer Camp “Hernán Cortes-Cuauhtémoc” in Castillo Castilnovo, Segovia, Spain; and both last year and this year in Montesclaros Summer Camp, located at the Montesclaros school in Cerceda El Boalo-Madrid).


– 23 Grants for the Santa Úrsula Camp in San Luis Potosí.

– 2 Grants for the Cetia-Ti Querétaro Camp.

– 150 grants for Tres Marías (Morelos), in a camp called Rancho Diego, coordinated by King Camp.


94% of the recipients do not have any other option and attribute one or more positive changes in the quality of their lives to the foundation.


80 cents of every peso used goes directly to the recipients.

Social return on the Investment

For every $1 (MXN) that Niños en Alegría invests in its programmes, the Mexican society benefits by $4.77 (MXN) over the period of one year.

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